How is your family dynamic? Are your methods of conflict resolution working? Family meetings work- especially if you want to create a ‘team’ atmosphere. Children as young as three can and should participate. It is an excellent method of communication and resolution when done on a regular basis. I have used it with my own family and as the administrator of Maple Leaf Montessori School, my Elementary staff has had great success using the ‘Community Meeting’ model. Continue reading

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United We Stand…

     There are very few universal principles of parenting. Motivating children to be the best they can be depends on many individual aspects, unique to each child even in the same family. Genetics, birth order, cultural background, influence of extended family etc. (just a few of the vital factors in the mix) all play a part in our own make up. If there was one methodology that all parents could adopt when challenged by behaviours including lack of responsibility, respect or accountability- everyone in need would select it.

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     Some of us are born with style. There are people who fall naturally into parenting as though it was in their DNA. Books have been written, courses offered, but there are really no pre requisites for being a parent. Whether it comes naturally or you actually do research. On top of that, it takes two. What if you know your style and your spouse does not? How anyone is successful with all these obstacles is as miraculous as getting pregnant itself. Continue reading

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The Burden of Choice

     Many of us agonize over every decision.  And yet, young children are often burdened with making life changing choices. What school a five year old goes to, what food he/she eats, what level of physical activity they engage in all have long term effects- choices that are more often than not being left entirely to the child.   Continue reading

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“How Do You Hug A Child Like This?”

A thought-provoking video from Trevor Eissler. Trevor Eissler "How Do You Hug A Child Like This?"

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A Montessori Environment – At Home

Montessori is a way of looking at a space and making it child-friendly. There are ideas you can apply to your entire house. In your child’s room, for example, pictures should be hung at the child’s eye level. Beds are positioned so they can easily be accessed and made by your little one. Dressers need to have low drawers, and closets need shelves and hangers at the child’s height. Everything can be raised as they get older.

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Author of our epitaph


At some point in my life, I read in a book or watched a program on television where someone raised the question, “How would we live our lives if we considered what our grave stone epitaph might say to reflect what other people thought of us?” Continue reading

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